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Welcome to our practice! My name is Marialice. For the past 37 years I have had the privilege to work with the Filippini Family Dental Practice as a Dental Hygienist. My passion is to help my patients gain and maintain optimal oral health. In order to provide effective care, I continue to apply current research through continuing education courses and in-service training. As a member of the American Dental Hygiene Association, I have access to and utilize the latest information on oral health and applied technologies. I enjoy the challenge of providing gentle and thorough periodontal therapy as well as individualized home care instruction for my patients. Every day at our office is gratifying to me because I am highly motivated to make a profound impact on the well-being for each of my patients!


Hello, my name is Zejna and I am a Dental Hygienist. I am proud to say that I have been working for Dr. Filippini’s practice for 10 years. We are a unique team striving to provide great dental care. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of oral health care and I am very enthusiastic about providing the best care for my patients. I love what I do and I look forward to seeing you soon.


My name is Rosalia. I’m a Dental Assistant at Filippini Family Dental. I have been working as an assistant since 1997. I’m certified in coronal polishing and sealants. I am also trained, by Discus Dental, as a Zoom Whitening specialist. I look forward to making your visit as comfortable as possible.


Hello, my name is Heather. I joined the Filippini Dental family, as a Dental Assistant, in 2001. I am certified in coronal polishing and pit & fissure sealants. I am also trained, by Discus Dental, as a Zoom Whitening specialist. It is my pleasure to assist in any way I can to make your visit pleasant and comfortable.


Good day everyone, my name is Jacqueline or Jackie for short. I am a dental assistant. I joined the Filippini Family Dentistry team in 2014. I am certified by Apple Dental Care in coronal polishing and pit fissure sealants. I also have been trained by Discus Dental as a Zoom Whitening Specialist. I am looking forward to meeting all of Filippini Family Dentistry patients and potential patients. I am here to make your visit as smooth and comfortable as possible.


Hello, my name is Simone. I am an Illinois State Licensed and Certified Massage Therapist with over 24 years experience. I joined the Filippini Family Dentistry team in 2003. My role is unique in the respect that there aren’t too many dental practices that offer complimentary chair massages to their patients. Under my careing hands I will knead away any stress or tension you may be experiencing. So, whether you’re here for a routine hygienist appointment or a more extensive dental procedure my goal is that you walk out the door in a much more relaxed state than when you arrived.